James and Kim Taylor Tout Biden’s Plans to Protect Seniors and Health Care, Encourage Arizonans to Vote Early

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3 min readOct 22, 2020


Today, singer-songwriter James Taylor and former journalist Kim Taylor joined Biden for President to discuss Joe Biden’s plans to support Arizona seniors and strengthen crucial programs like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Social Security, and Medicare.

Full video of the event is available to watch here.

During the virtual fireside chat with Biden for President Director of Surrogates and former Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan, the Taylors called Donald Trump out on his threats to strip away critical health care protections — especially those for the more than 2.8 million Arizonans living with preexisting conditions — and emphasized why it’s so important that seniors vote early for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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“Trump is proposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare funding to pay for his massive tax cuts for the ultra wealthy and big corporations, not to pay for better care for seniors.” said James Taylor. “We seniors deserve a president who has our back. Joe Biden has a track record of protecting Social Security and Medicare. And a Biden and Harris administration is going to protect and expand these bedrock guarantees for seniors — that we have earned, and that we have paid for.”

Kim Taylor and James Taylor

“We must vote to stop Donald Trump from taking away the health care protections that we as seniors rely upon,” said Kim Taylor. “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a plan to protect and expand the Affordable Care Act and its protections for seniors, including keeping the costs of prescription drugs down.”

The husband-wife duo also encouraged Arizonans to make a plan to vote early to guarantee that their voices are heard in this election. Holding up handmade signs, the Taylors spoke about their own plans to vote early and directed viewers to make their voting plans at www.iwillvote.com/az or www.voyavotar.com/az.

Olympian Michelle Kwan

“It’s never been more clear that we need more leadership. Joe and Kamala have plans to address the coronavirus, to build our economy back together, to root out systemic racism, and to address the urgent threat of climate change,” said Michelle Kwan. “Everybody in Arizona can vote in four different ways: by returning their mail-in ballot in the mail, by returning the mail-in [ballot] to an official dropbox, by voting in-person, by voting on election day. So do your part. Voting is easy and convenient this year so everyone should go to that website, www.iwillvote.com.”



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