An Open Letter from Arizona Small Business Owners

Biden for Arizona
6 min readOct 30, 2020


More than 100 Arizona small business owners wrote a letter endorsing Joe Biden because he’ll help our small businesses and families build back better. He won’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 and his Administration will help create millions of new jobs.

We are Arizona’s Main Street. We are the owners of your favorite neighborhood small businesses, who come from all walks of life, all different backgrounds, and all kinds of trades and professions. And we all agree that our futures depend on electing Joe Biden.

There are two very different economic plans on the ballot. Trump isn’t fighting for working families, he is looking out for his rich friends and Wall Street interests. Joe Biden will be a president for all Arizonans as we get this virus under control, and build our economy back better. Here are three reasons why we’re with Joe Biden:

  1. Joe Biden will create millions more jobs than Donald Trump — 7 million more — at businesses like ours. Recently, a group of independent economists at Moody’s Analytics concluded that Joe Biden’s economic plan would create 18.6 million jobs in his first term — and 7 million more jobs and $1 trillion more in economic growth than President Trump’s plan. And he’ll help the economy recover faster. We need a President who will fight for Main Street businesses like ours.
  2. If you make less than $400,000 a year, Joe Biden will not raise your taxes a single cent. In fact, a Biden-Harris administration will enact more than a dozen middle class tax cuts to give working Arizonans the financial support they deserve. Meanwhile, Donald Trump wants to give the 100 wealthiest Americans a $30 billion tax break, even after he’s already passed a tax bill benefitting the top 1% and America’s biggest corporations.
  3. Joe Biden is going to help us recover from the pandemic, and build back better than ever before. His plan includes a “restart package” and leveraging $150 billion in new capital for small businesses to revitalize Arizona’s Main Street, unlike Trump’s focus on bailing out multinational corporations.

When it comes to the economy, there could not be a more fundamental difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump: while Trump measures its strength by how the ultra-wealthy are doing, Biden measures it by how working people and small businesses like ours are doing. That’s exactly why Donald Trump’s economy has failed us, and how Joe Biden’s economy will help us build back better.

It’s been a difficult year — but if we come together and make our voices heard, in just a few days we can elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House, and finally usher in a new era of recovery and growth for Arizona’s small businesses. It’s time for us to build back better.

So please join us — and please vote.


  • Adrianna Nine, Packtivism, Phoenix
  • Ruben Gonzales, 11th Monk3y, Phoenix
  • Marin Porchas, 85350 Bar and Pizzaria, Somerton
  • Yvette-Marie Margaillan, ABA Consulting Group, Phoenix
  • Daniel Hargest, Acme Prints Screen Printing, Phoenix
  • Kat and Matt Myers, AcuWellness Phx., Phoenix
  • Joy Seitz, American Solar & Roofing, Phoenix
  • Sherri Barry, Arizona Fashion Source, LLC, Tempe
  • Omar Segura and Linda Rivera, Arizona Tires BTS, Phoenix
  • Christy A. Vezolles, Art Value, LLC, Phoenix
  • Suzanne Hug, Athoria Games, Mesa
  • Susan Baier, Audience Audit Inc., Chandler
  • Alejo López Cabrera, Banda La Llegadora, Glendale
  • Silvana Salcido Esparza, Barrio Café, Phoenix
  • Elaine Signore, Book It Bubbie Travel, Avondale
  • Tammy Bosse, Boss Properties, Scottsdale
  • Brett Heising, brettapproved, Phoenix
  • Michael Fornelli, BS West, Scottsdale
  • Franklin Mulich, Built Environment Analysts, Phoenix
  • Robert Doyle, Canyon Records, Tempe
  • Carla Wade Logan, Carly’s Bistro, Phoenix
  • Silvana Lawrence, Central Phoenix ISR, Phoenix
  • Gayle Shanks, Bob Sommer, Cindy Dach, Changing Hands Bookstore, Inc., Tempe & Phoenix
  • Jenny Poon, CO+HOOTS + HUUB, Phoenix
  • Olga Zapata, Colombian Coffee Only LLC, Chandler
  • Angélica Valadez, Concepto Gráfico, Phoenix
  • Bill and Ginger Sandweg, Copper Star Coffee, Phoenix
  • Charles Levy, Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix
  • Joshua De La Ossa, De La Ossa & Ramos, PLLC, Phoenix
  • Deborah Nardozzi, Debben Elite, LLC, Scottsdale
  • Dolores Martinez, Del Corazón, Phoenix
  • Bridget Bellavigna, Desert Paradise Realty and Property Management, Chandler
  • Martha Herrera, Diana’s Beauty Salon, Phoenix
  • Joen Romero Martinez, Divo Academy, Phoenix
  • Dorothy Kret, DKA, Pak Mail, Archive Advantage, Tucson
  • Earl and Mary Rose Wilcox, El Portal Restaurant, Phoenix
  • Angela Johnson and Sherri Barry, F.A.B.R.I.C., Tempe
  • Stephanie Vasquez, Fair Trade Cafe, Phoenix
  • Vanessa Zeigler, Feather Mom Cleaning, Munds Park
  • Melanie Cooley, Fluency Motion 5Rhythms, Tucson
  • Max Fose, Fose + McKay, Phoenix
  • Efrain Fuentes, GE Financial Center LLC, Phoenix
  • Glenn Davis, Glenn Davis Meditation, Phoenix
  • Ross Orvik, Gojo Inc., Tucson
  • Grace Perry, Gracie’s Tax Bar, Phoenix
  • Matthew J. Ziegler, Greenhouse Productions, Flagstaff
  • Sule Greg Wilson, GriotPath Media, Tempe
  • Francisco X. Gutierrez, Gutierrez Law Firm, P.C., Phoenix
  • Hector M. Nunez, H&K Dental Center, Phoenix
  • Athia L. Hardt, Hardt and Associates LLC, Phoenix
  • Michael DeRoche, Healthpoint Benefits Consulting, Scottsdale
  • Hillary LaFever-Ceja, Hillary’s Holistically, Mesa
  • Julio Valenzuela, Imprenta Grafika, Phoenix
  • Allen Gutkin, JAG Development, Phoenix
  • Troy Friedman, Joint Healing Operations LLC, Phoenix
  • Timothy Schramm, Just a Touch Companies, Phoenix
  • Pamela Slim, K’é Main Street Learning Lab, Mesa
  • Juan Acosta, La Costa Restaurant, Glendale
  • Zaira Arellano, La Flor del Valle, Phoenix
  • Jillian Schimmel, Lafayette Avenue Ceramics, Tempe
  • Vanessa Cazarez, Legends Event Center, Phoenix
  • Omar Roman, Lizto Upholstery, Phoenix,
  • Jose Ramon Garcia, Llantera Auto Servicio Garcia, Phoenix
  • Sandra Otero and Frances Erunez, Los Jarritos, Tucson
  • Moses Moreno, M & M General Contracting, Inc., Yuma
  • Cindy Dach, MADE art boutique, Phoenix
  • Manuel Ruiz, Manuel Ruiz Photography, Sahuarita
  • Mariana Maddocks, Mariana Maddocks Consulting, Tucson
  • Mario E. Diaz, Mario E. Diaz & Associates, Scottsdale
  • Vicente Sanchez, Mariscos El Cochorit, Phoenix
  • Marla S. Foster, Marla S. Foster CPA PC, Phoenix
  • Marlene López Corrales, Marlene’s Unisex, Glendale
  • Mary Belfiore Schramm, Mary’s Place, Phoenix
  • Latoya Beverly, Melanin Magic Foundation, Queen Creek
  • Debi Kret, Mind-Full Music Therapy Services, Phoenix
  • Michelle Carlin, Monarch Health and Wellness LLC, Phoenix
  • Monique Reagan, Phoenix
  • Darnell Smith, Mr. Wonderful’s Chicken and Waffles AZ, Chandler
  • John Maisch, Oro Valley Heating & Cooling, Tucson
  • Jose Jimenez, Petroglyphs, Tucson
  • Lindsey Rousseau-Hunt, Phoenix Design House, Phoenix
  • Tremaine Jasper, LLC, Laveen
  • Eric K. Butler, Pixel Dust Photography, Gilbert
  • Shannon Riggs, Jennifer Radler, Libby Tobey, Christine Koenen, Pop Cycle, Tucson
  • Wesley Andujar, Puerto Rico Latin Bar and Grill, Phoenix
  • Miranda Sweet, Rainbow’s End, Flagstaff
  • Wayne Rainey, Rainey Studios, Phoenix
  • Jacquelyn Ahrenberg, Resolute Nonprofit Consulting, Peoria
  • Emeterio Espinoza, Restaurante SinSonNay, Phoenix
  • Rhonda Quisenberry, Rhonda Q. demos, Phoenix
  • Stephanie Sharpe Rimmer, Rimmer Lighting LLC, Scottsdale
  • Dora Zamora, Roosevelt 16, Phoenix
  • Sonia A. Rivera, RS Produce LLC, Phoenix
  • D’Lisa Khademi, Salon D’ Shayn, Phoenix
  • Maggie Kerley and Dina Firnstahl, Salon Kismet, Phoenix
  • William Kovacs, Sándor Vineyards, Tucson
  • Stephanie Adames and Patrick Morales, Shutter Proof Marketing LLC, Tempe
  • Margarita Silva, Silva & Fontes, Phoenix
  • Sarah E. Simpson, Simpson Walker Contracting Corporation, Phoenix
  • Christy Moore, Social Spin, Inc., Phoenix
  • Angélica González, Taco Mich & Bar LLC, Phoenix
  • Julian Dominguez, Teleguia en Español Magazine, Phoenix
  • John Phebus, The Law Offices of John Phebus, PLLC, Glendale
  • Joe Livingston, The Motor Lodge, Prescott
  • Stephanie Rising, The Rising Effect, Tucson
  • Sergio Ruiz and Matthew Thomas, Thomas Law Firm, Phoenix
  • Danielle Bryant, THRIVE Construction, Phoenix
  • David Rojo, Última Moda, Phoenix
  • Freddy Elmesselmani and Jeff Baker, Urban Pita, Tucson
  • Frida Estrada, Variedades Barber & Beauty Salon, Phoenix
  • Vianey Kristina Hurtado, Vianey K. Hurtado Law, PLC, Phoenix
  • Wiliam Perry, William K Perry Farms, LLC, Scottsdale
  • Celeste and Martin Wisdom, Wisdom’s Cafe, Tumacacori
  • Chef Jennifer Johnson, Witnessing Nature In Food, Phoenix
  • Nancy Topoozian, Yin Yang Threads, Tempe
  • Yolanda Gutierrez, YoMoFoto, Laveen
  • Benny Morel, YRS New York, Tempe

Want to join these small business owners? Sign the letter here.



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